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It’s Time to Lace Up those Sneakers!

How many opportunities do you get to do good for others, while you are doing good for yourself? It’s called a win/win, and it’s so easy. Just register for the 2021 Scotiabank Marathon, brought to you by Patronato Pro Niños partner, Amistad Canada.

The actual in-person event takes in San Miguel on October 31st. We are planning a fun walk/run event at the family friendly Viñedos San Francisco for our participating Amistad Partners in San Miguel de Allende. There is a full range of walking and running and distances: you can choose 5k or 10K. Registration is at 9:00 a.m. and includes a Running Kit.
Your first step is to register for the Patronato Team which requires a $300 peso donation.

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If you can´t come in person, please consider giving a donation. It´s still a win/win!
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For more information you can write to Nory Contractor: 

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Allen and Morgan Morton: Generous People with Giving Hearts

There is a very special couple living in San Miguel who are generally known as Mr. and Mrs. Morton, but to their eight grandchildren, they are affectionately known as “Babe” and “Dude”. (They picked out those monikers themselves, because they did not feel old enough to be called “grand” anything: what a clever idea!) When they moved to San Miguel in 2018, after visiting for about 10 years, they had a definitive idea of what they were looking for, and San Miguel ticked all of the boxes. As Allen says “We get to live in a foreign country, learn a new language, live in a city with beautiful weather, fantastic architecture, arts, restaurants, golf, etc., etc. In addition, we wanted to live in a town with the local population, not in a gated community with only foreigners.”

A former investment banker, Allen (Dude) and Morgan (Babe), a designer, have always felt the importance of giving back. From Morgan, “We have been very fortunate and feel we have the obligation and ability to give to those less fortunate than us, and we had good role models: both of our parents were active in local charities when we were growing up.”

In 2019, they made the decision to support Patronato Pro Niños with automatic monthly donations instead of occasional donations. The monthly giving program is called Madrina/Padrino and makes the giving process easy & convenient for the donor. It also has the enormous benefit of giving the charity a regular income stream that they can count on. 

If you would like to join them in supporting the needs of children in San Miguel through regular monthly giving, find out how easy it is: 

Anyone who has ever worked with a charity or run a business knows how difficult it can be to make plans and not knowing where or when the money will be found. The pandemic only intensified the problem: when regular events like The Historical Walking Tours, which could be counted on to bring in donations every month had to be stopped, it could have been devastating. That’s when regular planned giving proves its value, acting as a lifeline for children’s medical charities like Patronato Pro Niños. The need does not stop for a pandemic!

For Babe and Dude, their philosophy towards philanthropy is simple but profound: “Children have no say in what kind of family setting they are born into. For those kids who enter this world in an impoverished family, the least we can do is try to help them out.”

Together, we can dramatically change and improve children’s lives by providing the best care possible.      

Did you know that the
Top Rated Historical Walking Tours
are back?

walking tour

The pandemic put an abrupt stop to our excellent tours in San Miguel. As soon as we were safely able to, we started the tours again: these tours are an important part of Patronato Pro Niños’s annual revenue stream, and the need for funding does not just go away because there is a crisis. In fact, the need is even greater!

Tours are presently limited to 10 to 20 people per group and there is no need to book in advance for Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings. Gather in front of the Parroquia at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start: mask wearing is mandatory.

walking tour

Dali Amaro

You can also book a Private Tour at your convenience. All tours are currently led by Dali Amaro, a fully certified, bilingual Volunteer Guide: he brings over 10 years of guiding experience and is a native son of San Miguel.

He provides wonderful tours, in English, and with all safety protocols and precautions in place.

Book your Tour now at

"Your donations at work" Daniel’s Story

Your donations truly matter!

Daniel fell down the stairs about a year ago and suffered a serious brain injury. He could not move his right leg or hand. Patronato Pro Niños has assisted Daniel and his family with treatment and medication costs .

Thanks to your generous support, Daniel has regained the partial use of his right leg and the family hopes he will be walking soon.

Help us to continue our mission to change other children’s futures by giving them the most important gift… the gift of health!

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Do you know the 4 ways to donate? 

-October 2021-