Mission, Vision & Objectives

To provide medical, dental and sociological care for children and adolescents from
economically deprived families in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende

To be a Non-for-Profit organization that is capable of providing high-level health services in
an opportune and efficient fashion, demonstrating social responsibility and working
alongside other social agents, providing leadership to other similar organizations

•Ameliorate the well-being level of the municipality’s population
•Contribute to the efforts being made by the public health system to reinforce and
complement its programs
•Assist economically deprived individuals and families identify the health programs and
rights they are entitled to obtain
•To ameliorate the well-being of San Miguel’s families by developing health prevention
•To promote healthy habits among the children and their families

Our Results

Since 1970 we have:
• Served needy children of San Miguel
• Earned locals’ and funders’ trust
• Dramatically changed and saved lives by providing the best     care available

We deliver results:
• Last year, we provided 13,151 services to 7,636 children and adolescents 
• 2,651 medical consultations
• 7,506 dental consultations
• 984 psychological consultations
• 503 nutrition consultations and
• 1,507 social work consultation

Through these services we achieved:

❤ 17,751 dental treatments (resins, amalgams, cleanings, extractions, fluoride application among others)
❤ 3,545 donations of toothpastes and toothbrushes
❤ 2,691 participants of brushing techniques and oral hygiene workshops (boys, girls, parents and teachers)
❤ 1,739 donations of medicines by the dental area
❤ 858 donations of dental floss (children and adolescents benefited)
❤ 661 beneficiaries in accident prevention sessions provided by medical professionals
❤ 6,845 Social Work referrals for therapy support (rehabilitation, language and stimulation)
❤ 6,063 therapies paid for
❤ 102 referrals to acute care hospitals in other cities
❤ 212 financial supports for transportation, medication, lab tests, and other services
❤ Served children in over 500 communities within San Miguel de Allende



• David Winfield, President
• Joe Whitmore, Vice President
• Paul Escott, Treasurer
• Andree Hill, Secretary

• Peggy Blocker
• Jonathan Brown
• Betse Davies
• Floyd Edwards
• Peggy Jones
• Isobella Kriezel, Active Past President
• Joan Novell
• Myra Novogrodsky
• Carlos Ordoñez
• Lynn Ramsey
• Sherry Soto, Active Past President
• Ron Woodard
• Cannon George Woodward

• Paul Escott, Financial
• Andree Hill, Communications
• Peggy Jones, Walking Tour
• Joe Whitmore, Fundraising, Active Past President
• David Winfield, Interdisciplinary
• Ron Woodard, Development

• Dorothy Jacobs


2019 Staff

• Nory Contractor – Executive Director
• Lic. Lily Castañeda Trujillo – National Development Director
• Daniela Briones – International Development Director
• Lic. Guillermo Trillo – Operations Director
• Dr. Ricardo Alamilla Estrella – Medical Director
• Dr. Miguel Darío López Zavala - Doctor
• Dr. Jorge Vázquez Martínez – Doctor
• Lic. Miriam Hernández- Nutritionist
• Lic. María Isabel Cristina Morales López- Psychologist
• T.S. Matilde Arroyo Guerrero – Social Worker
• C.D. Marisela Hernández – Dental Director
• C.D. Jessica Liliana Ramírez Aboytes – Dentist
• C.D. Luisa Fernanda Chávez Deosdado – Dentist
• C.D. Miriam Ramírez Cruz – Dentist
• C.D. Alejandra Rodríguez De Velazco – Dentist
• Vicente Zeferino Delgado Patlán – Dental Van 1 Driver/Dental Assistant
• Reynaldo Hernández Rodríguez – Dental Van 2 Driver/Dental Assistant
• Luis Alberto Quintero Gil – Dental Van 3 Driver/Dental Assistant
• Lic. Yolanda Monreal Beltrán – Accounting/Bookkeeper
• Ma. de Jesús Luna Rodríguez – Admissions Director
• María Cristina Rosas Reséndiz – Administrative Assistant/Recorder
• Martín Zapatero – Maintenance Director
• María de la Luz Tapia – Housekeeper

Patronato Pro Niños

(01) (415) 152-7796


Visit our office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. at: Ave. Reforma #75-C Fracc. Ignacio Ramírez, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. 37748

United States:

(512) 351-4344
FTC International, Inc., c/o FTC International, 220 N. Zapata Hwy. 11-A, PMB 1103-B, Laredo, Texas 78043 U.S.A.

(01) (415) 152-7796
Patronato Pro Niños.
PMB 1103-B.
Plaza Real del Conde 
San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
C.P. 37748 México.


Patronato Pro Niños de San Miguel de Allende A.C.

A not for profit serving the disadvantaged children of San Miguel since 1970